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Aquarium Maintenance in San Francisco Bay Area

The addition of a marine aquarium to your home or office is the perfect way to combine room decor and the companionship of having a pet in your room. Who needs inanimate objects when you can have living art! Ekoreefs can help you from the initial draw to the long-term success incorporating style and beauty.

At EkoReefs we can maintain or design your new aquarium regardless of the size, whether freshwater or saltwater. Our service is organized to accommodate your needs, schedule and the most important: your budget

Our experts will advice you the best choice to maintain a healthy aquarium, providing years of joy for this wonderful hobby.

Our service pride itself on its ability to create an eco-friendly system to ensure a healthy environment so, you can relax and enjoy watching the habitants swim and interact in their natural surroundings. 

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Corals Aquarium Service

New SPS Frags Availble

  • Montipora True Undata - LE
  • Montipora Capricornis - The Hulk
  • Montipora Undata - Fire in the Sky

New LPS Frags Availble

  • Echinophila sp. - Cotton Candy
  • Echinophila sp. - Fire and Ice
  • Echinophila sp. - Reverse Melon

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Let us do all the hard work of keeping your aquarium clean and in tip top shape.


Knowledge, experience and dedication are the elements to creating a healthy marine ecosystem. We help design and install the best system for the desired inhabitants. Whether you desire a reef or a "fish only" system we have experience. Every marine creature has requirements in order for them to thrive. We feel that it is our responsibility to be dedicated to the needs of the creatures we care for. Quality equipment, reputable suppliers, and attention to detail give us the tools to make this reality happen.

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Design and Installation Available

Coral Guide FAQ

A Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy aquarium.
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Aquarium Services in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

  • On site consultations.
  • Custom design and installation based on your unique needs
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Maintenance
  • Hands Free Approach
  • Flexible schedules
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Emergency Visits at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Eco-friendly practice.
  • Save a reef!
  • Preventive Maintenance, Water Testing and Disease Treatment


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See what EkoReefs is all about!

Save a reef, create your own by using Ekoreefs green mind aproch!.

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